Fee Schedule For Chiropractic

Fee Schedule for Chiropractic

An initial examination starts the chiropractic treatment. This includes a spinal scan and a one-on-one discussion about your condition with Dr. Dadoun.

Initial exam fees:

  • Adults – $80
  • Seniors – $70
  • Children – $35

The following schedule is the fees for regular appointments/adjustments:

Adults (Includes a re-assessment after 12 treatments) – $40/session

Seniors (65+ years) – $35/session

Students (maximum 25 years old) – $35/session

Children (of active patients & under 18 years old) – $20

* A comparative exam is required after resuming care after a period of 3 months or more.  This helps the doctor with information regarding your health and other concerns you may have since your last treatment date.  This exam is $40.

* A progressive exam is required on your 12th visit. This provides you with a progressive examination of your treatment to assess your progress so far. This exam is $40.

We will recommend a personalized treatment plan and a pre-payment option that will make chiropractic care more affordable.

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