Easy Exercises

Top 3 Exercises For Herniated Discs

Good exercise for lower back and/or leg pain
Back pain relief, right now, with Dr. Eric Goodman

A good variation of the exercise above…try this one as well.
Remove Muscle Knots Yourself (Tennis Ball Release)

Tennis ball…to help release muscle knots and trigger points.
Vanish Shoulder Tension Fast

Shoulder release exercises….go easy…dont have to be as aggressive.

Help keep the brain active with brain gym exercises.
Dr. Mercola and Phil Campbell on Sprint 8 Elliptical

Completely change your aerobic workouts! Simple, less time and very effective. You wont go back to simply jogging again. Careful!.
How to Stretch the Lower Back Stretches

Great stretch for lower back….easy and takes only a minute.
Got Lower Back Pain? Check this out

If you are sitting many hours per day…..this is for you. Stretches hips, pelvis and hamstring muscles. Next video below gives nice variation.
Sciatica Leg Pain Relief

If you are having leg pain or buttock pain, nice easy way to stretch gluteus, buttock and piriformis muscles that usually go into spasm and cause pain.
Yoga Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stretches for those who sit at the computer for hours! Knitters! Help relieve carpal tunnel issues.

If there is any pain or discomfort when performing any of these, please discontinue immediately and call me to discuss.

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Talk to me if you want advice about starting any of these. I would love feedback.