Physiotherapy Etobicoke

Physiotherapy Etobicoke

Physiotherapy Etobicoke


The priority is always to improve the health of patients while providing a fun and positive experience. Clinical therapy services in Etobicoke are managed by an experienced registered physiotherapist and registered massage therapist (RMT). Other treatments such as chiropractic and acupuncture are also utilized to help implement a personalized treatment plan that addresses the unique needs of each patient.

Professional staff experienced in the treatment of various injuries and diseases including sprains, strains, muscle disorders, chronic pain, ?. We treat injuries that affect everyone – athletes and workers as well as those who have been in a car accident. As well as those are experiencing pain from an acute injury or on-going condition. Even arthritis and the affects of years of inactivity can be helped.
Our range of health care services provided will assist you on your path to optimal health and well being.
Our branch of  Physiotherapy Etobicoke offers a full range of services including:

* Chiropractic
* Massage therapy
* Psychological and guidance services
* Acupuncture
* Treatment of chronic musculoskeletal conditions
* Athletic therapy
* Orthotics
* Laser therapy

*Therapeutic ultrasound


*Interferential Current

*Soft tissue techniques

*Manual therapy

*Functional activity training

*Pre and Post-Op Rehab.
Medical products are also available in our Etobicoke Rehab branch to include:

* Custom made orthotics
* Compression stockings
* Back supports
* Foot and ankle braces
* Sports supplies
* Elbow supports

Physiotherapy Etobicoke

We are committed to giving you the best possible care.

Members of our rehab team  begin the process for your care with an initial assessment. From here, he or she develops a  personalized and comprehensive plan of care for you to help obtain and maintain good functional results. We do not rush our care. Our goal is for you to return to your daily activities, work or sports with increased comfort, ease and strength. We rely on your feedback to consider whether any alteration of treatment is necessary.

Our team has years of collective experience that can help manage and prevent various physical problems. Whether your problems were caused by a fall, motor vehicle accident, sports injury or a flare-up of an on-going condition – we can help.

What differentiates our team of Etobicoke physiotherapy?

Our exceptional team in this Etobicoke physiotherapy clinic works with you to develop a personalized treatment based on your lifestyle and conditions to ensure a speedy recovery. We use a proactive approach.  We’ll even help you with extended health coverage and understanding how to complete motor vehicle accident claims and paperwork.

When you are struggling with chronic pain or pain and reduced abilities caused by an accident, call us today to schedule your initial appointment. We hope that we can help you for a quick recovery.



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