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About Dr. Gary Dadoun

Dr. Gary Dadoun

Hi, I am Dr. Gary Dadoun and I have been a chiropractor for over 28 years. Very early in my career I had a vision of providing the best possible care while at the same time creating in my patients a feeling of confidence and safety at every visit.

For this reason I learned and perfected a gentle method of chiropractic care utilizing a hand held instrument. Over the years I have integrated a number of techniques – and they are all combined using this gentle-safe approach. I always make a point to tell my patients when they are about to experience their first chiropractic adjustment – don’t underestimate the effectiveness of such a light touch technique. The proof is in the pudding and the results are astounding.

As a little background about myself – I was introduced to chiropractic in 1982 after I was in a serious accident and broke my back. Around the same time my mother was experiencing severe migraine headaches. She decided to try chiropractic and found incredible results and suggested I try the same. She was absolutely right (aren’t all mothers!).  So, if you have headaches, injuries or some other type of chronic ongoing pain, I UNDERSTAND what you are going through.

All these years later, I absolutely love what I do. Watching people getting better and feeling better naturally without drugs or surgery is truly inspiring. I believe G-d gave me a gift and I want to share it.

If you are not sure chiropractic is for you, please feel free to call me personally anytime – I will be happy to discuss your case and answer all of your questions.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Dr. Gary Dadoun D.C. (Etobicoke, Ontario)