About Us

Hello I am Dr. Gary Dadoun and I would like to personally welcome you to the Cloverdale Rehabilitation Clinic.

Dr. Gary Dadoun

It is hard to believe that our full service clinic has been 19 years in the making. What began as a 2 room Chiropractic practice within a medical facility has significantly improved and enlarged to now include an expert qualified Acupuncturist, a well experienced Physiotherapist and a knowledgeable, caring Registered Massage Therapist

We like to consider ourselves a complete one stop care center that provides ethical and expert professional health services – Period. We don’t cut corners, we don’t overbill or illegally bill insurance companies and we don’t rush or offer substandard care. We listen to your concerns and explain thoroughly what we will do to help you. We are a cut above the rest because we send with your consent, regular updated written reports which summarize your status and progress to your family doctor. Your medical doctor is always kept up to date.

In addition to helping you with an acute injury or accident, we are also available to help with the more chronic issues. Those issues that have taken years to build through hours of office and computer work, sitting, poor postural habits, inefficient ergonomic work station layouts and let’s not forget the greatest cause of muscle pain and fatigue….STRESS!

We can tailor make a program to help counter your everyday life stressors.
Our mission is to rehabilitate and prevent injuries and chronic pain.
Our commitment is to do our best.

At the Cloverdale Rehabilitation Clinic – Your Body Matters!